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a whatsapp utillity website

My first ever Progressive Web App(PWA), in development I use React.js, Webpack; and in production, I use Preact.js; and it took me around 4 days to complete it.

Day 1: Setup Webpack tools for React 1
Day 2: Setup Webpack tools for React 2 and Setting up Reactjs and CSS
Day 3: Implementing React Router
Day 4: Implementing Preact and apply PWA into the app.

This web app was created because one of friend having the issue of that everytime, he want to sent someone his contact, the person had to add his phone number into his contact, and then go into whatsapp to refresh the contact. Which is something tedious and repetitive.

It was a simple app, but I want to make it challenging. There are 3 things I want to achieve, simple UI without any framework (e.g. Bootstrap, Materialize etc), fast loading, work like a native app.

The first load of the web size is 122.1kb,
loading time from USA: 0.603s
loading time from Australia: 2.28 s


Tech use:


React Router